About Us

We are a San Francisco – based professional personal trainer collective. We assess, design and implement strength and movement programs for people of all ages. Our programs help you recover from injury, reduce and eliminate pain, achieve weight loss, increase and maintain wellness, increase lean muscle and even get you stronger for your sport. Our methods are soundly based in the most current exercise and nutrition science and we know how to apply them to get the results you’re looking for. We are passionate about helping you get stronger and move better so you can meet the physical demands of your life. Our combination of talents, education, expertise and experience draw from a wide variety of skill sets, challenge conventional health and fitness wisdom and bring you a unique client experience with unsurpassed results. We believe in the necessity and the power of regular exercise and it’s ability to change, enhance and support your life!



In health,

Peter Zwerling

Peter Zwerling of Regular Exercise




Susan M.


Regular Exercise is a great place to workout! My body has become stronger and more toned, but almost more importantly my motivation to stay healthy and exercise has increased. All the trainers that work there are great folks who truly care about health and well-being. I always leave the studio feeling great and encouraged. 



John B.


I would highly recommend their services for people wanting to get in shape to people who need to continue their rehabilitation from injury. The work we have done on stability, balance, mobilization, core and over all muscles strength have increased the quality of my life to the point that I do not feel limited by previous injury’s or age.