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Regular Exercise has the facility, systems and supportive environment to help you grow your business and succeed as an independent fitness expert and business owner. We’re here to help you do what you do best, by providing a unique mix of the best equipment and the professional support systems you need to make your business thrive.

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Our goal is to build a team of top independent trainers & coaches recognized as the best in our field. We strongly believe in the present and future value of education based exercise and lifestyle instruction and we are committed to the education and support of those people who choose to be a part of our team. 

  • Mark O’Keefe

    Mark O’Keefe


    “Peter has created what has to be one of the finest studios in the City. It has everything you could want as far as equipment, ambiance and attitude. My clients love the space, the light, the location, and the welcoming vibe. It is also deceptively spacious with the two levels so I never feel cramped when working with my clients. Just a great space in a great neighborhood."

  • Dan Misunas

    Dan Misunas


    “Working at Regular Exercise not only provides a superior space for my clients but it also provides me with some of the best tools available. It’s a modern well planned and maintained space with a community of experienced, highly knowledgable and approachable fitness pros. For me and many others it’s the best place to be.”

  • Virginia Yao

    Virginia Yao


    Working as a Feldenkrais practitioner at Regular Exercise was an extremely enlightening and rewarding experience. My experience was especially interesting since it gave me the opportunity to understand and appreciate movement in both the theoretical and practical sense, particularly how functional patterns can be maintained under continual physical demand. What I appreciated in the trainers was their attention to movement sustainability outside the gym that seems counter-intuitive with the popular culture ideal or expectation of physical training. The general atmosphere of open communication, teaching, learning, respect and teamwork between all the trainers, professionally and personally make it a great place to work and improve. None of my students, particularly ones who were unfamiliar with the gym ever felt less than welcome.

  • Matt O’Brian

    Matt O’Brian


    “The greatest part about working at Regular Exercise is the fact that this gym resonates with the elements most successful personal trainers thrive on. ReEx is all about providing quality training from the heart but is all about constantly diving deep into the physiology, mechanics, art and science behind training. This gym knows it's clients, knows it's purpose and within these walls holds a deep well of training expertise. It is rare and refreshing not to find any rigid dogma, eye-rolling trendiness or Kool-Aid drinking zealots. Instead, you will find top-notch trainers and a large assortment of top quality equipment from tractor tires to hand grippers to aerial rings and a secret boxing gym in the basement. RegEx avoids the hype and provides the science in the best possible way."

  • Andrew Cheit

    Andrew Cheit


    Being a trainer at Regular Exercise is great! It is simply the best studio I have ever worked at - never too crowded, and the huge selection of equipment and modalities means that I can always challenge myself and my clients with something new and different. Peter does an excellent job of supporting his trainers, from free client referrals to hosting instructional workshops to learn new techniques and skills. All the trainers are like-minded but with their own expertise It is a true community where we constantly share knowledge and information. RE is a great place to build your personal training business!

  • Kurt Erickson

    Kurt Erickson


    Working at Regular Exercise has been a great experience. Trainers at RE are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. In the studio, fresh ideas are welcome and the owner is very supportive. Although trainers work independently we are encouraged to learn and grow, both as personal trainers and business owners.

  • Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson


    It is a privilege and a joy to work as a movement and strength coach at Regular Exercise in San Francisco's Inner Richmond. Peter Zwerling, the owner, understands that movement quality comes first so the floor space is open and we employ a variety of cutting edge tools to help clients develop high quality movement and strength skills. As a group of independent trainers, we work very well together, fostering an environment of harmony and respect. It is a pleasure to work here and I encourage anyone to stop by for a free consultation and become acquainted with this gem of an independent gym!

Regular Exercise Trainer Application


Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent. National certification from NASM, ACSM, CSCS, NSCA or PTAG. 5 years + training, coaching or teaching experience. A personal and professional passion for health, wellness and fitness. Desire to learn, grow and be one of the best in the field. Desire to be a part of a strong and supportive professional team.

Client References

Name your areas of specialization

How would you describe your training/coaching philosophy?

Please list the variety of clients you work with.

What do you feel are the pros & cons of working with a team vs. on your own?

What are your most important reasons for choosing Regular Exercise?

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Here’s how we help:


Getting you Started:


We will work together with you to make sure you have everything in order from your insurance & business registration requirements to your marketing needs and we will work one on one with you to ensure your success.


Keeping your Business Growing:


We will help you establish a professional marketing & partnership program for you as well as an SEO driven website that will attract and sustain your client base.


Maintaining your Business Efficiency:


Our online administrative services and client management services will centralize the business-side of your work.


An Interactive Learning & Community Environment:


We share all our educational resources, host and promote on-site continuing education seminars and workshops, client seminars and community events.


A Comfortable & Convenient work Environment:


Regular Exercise is a supportive and non -competitive work environment and our trainers have access to the facility 24/7, overnight lockers, internet access and laptop work areas and even healthy snacks and coffee.

Looking after your Clients Additional Health & Fitness Needs:


Through partnerships with outstanding health providers, Regular Exercise has a wide range of additional services for your clients such as; biological assessment, nutrition & weight loss management, nutritionists, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, VO2 Testing, MAT, ART, acupuncture and bike fitting.