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Peter Zwerling owns and operates a gym called Regular Exercise in San Francisco. As you might guess, the name of the gym reflects the philosophy of the owner. Peter doesn’t try to sell people on quick fixes or miracle equipment. He doesn’t push fads, gimmicks, or “secrets” from the latest self-styled guru. Rather, Peter and the trainers at his facility encourage and instruct people in the practice of regular exercise. To make things fun and challenging, they use a variety of tools and methods – everything from strength training and stretching to obstacle courses and reaction drills. Peter is always looking for innovative ways to engage people in fitness, to help them make exercise a priority and to improve their quality of life. We at GAIN Fitness have had the pleasure of working with Peter and some of the other folks at Regular Exercise and we think they represent what is right with the industry. 

Even with all the misinformation and gimmickry that pollute popular ideas about health and fitness for the sake of a quick buck there are still lots of good people out there working hard to spread quality information and help people improve their lives through exercise.

Nick Gammell

Founder & Chief Product Officer

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In the Wild, Wild West of fitness, Peter Zwerling and his San Francisco Regular Exercise studio is an example of what is RIGHT in the industry. The approach is simple - use skillfully crafted exercise to make people feel better. To accomplish this, Peter has committed himself to continuous education and surrounded himself with the best the industry has to offer. A variety of highly qualified fitness pros work out of RE, each of whom have a unique area of specialty - from Indian Clubs to muscle activation technique, they have it ALL.

I met Peter probably 10 years ago at a Gary Gray fitness education workshop that my department hosted at the University of San Francisco. There Peter and I were, among trainers and USF students mindlessly scribbling notes on everything that was said, chatting about which concepts fit with our own paradigm of enhancing movement skills and quality of life. It was there that I gained tremendous respect for Peter - essentially recognizing him as another scientist, one who is continually seeking knowledge and evaluating information. This is what distinguishes him from other fitness professionals who simply dump more and more stuff into a toolbox filled with other people’s equipment and not really understanding when to pull out a hammer and when to pull out a wrench. Peter owns his own toolbox and that is what sets him apart. Go see him at Regular Exercise in the Outer Richmond and get moving toward better health!

Christian Thompson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Kinesiology

University of San Francisco